Gone but not forgotten
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It's pronounced 'eye-lah'

Space. The conclusion.

A never-ending, rich and enticing combination of classic Ardbeggian notes and incredibly creamy flavours.

Supernova 5: the final frontier. As Ardbeg's adventure in space come to an end (finally), Supernova prepares to go out with a bang.

One last explosion of peat, intense chilli-spice and unfathomable sweetness. This could be one of the longest finishes in single malt. And then no more.

In theory, Supernova is one of the peatiest whiskies on earth. Yet to taste, it is also intensely spicy and unfathomably sweet. Truly a mystery of the universe. This final, fleeting Committee bottling of Supernova heralds the culmination of Ardbeg's experiment in space, as Dr Bill Lumsden's highly anticipated white paper on the mysteries of zero-gravity maturation is published.

You can pore over his research findings, or pour yourself a dram and reach your own conclusions.