Gone but not forgotten
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It's pronounced 'eye-lah'

Strap yourself in for a rollercoaster of an Ardbeg

Hold on to your hats, we're having a party! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of our world-famous Ardbeg Committee, and to thank each one of you for your unswerving devotion to Ardbeg's success, we've created this exclusive rollercoaster of a dram. Bottled from different casks taken from ten different years, it perfectly captures all the ups, downs, thrills and spills of the last decade - it's been a scream!

We've dipped into the casks of Ardbeg past and selected the perfect amount of whisky from different cask types from the years 1997 to 2006. The result? A thrilling whistlestop tour through Ardbeg's flavour highlights, from it's high sweet notes to its dep peaty chords. It's a test for even the most fervent Ardbeg fan: can you detect all the tongue-tingling tastes of this intricate, multi-layered dram as they roll over your palate.