Gone but not forgotten
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It's pronounced 'eye-lah'

The darkest Ardbeg ever.

Take this whisky and hide it well. For its heart has been matured in dark sherry casks, imparting waves of treacle toffee, coal tar, squid ink noodles and toasted coffee grounds.

Its colour is that of copper stills in moonlight. Its nose - dark chocolate, rich treacle toffee and distant bonfires - betrays a secret: a clandestine meeting of Ardbeg matured in ex-Bourbon casks and a heart matured in dark sherry casks.

Hints of pepper spice and zesty lime lure you in. Smouldering charcoal and wood polish flit across the palate, with raisins dates and ginger emerging from shadows of tarry creosote. Echoes of cured smoked ham and squid ink noodles signal the arrival of a long, spicy aftertaste.