Introducing Ardbeg Vintage_Y2K

A Glitch in the Ardware...

Remember the year 2000? A time of frenzy and panic surrounding the millennium bug. People everywhere going crazy predicting computerised chaos, digital meltdown and an end to everything.

As Dr Bill Lumsden, Master Distiller, said, "it's inevitable something, somewhere was going to get overlooked." And sure enough, a handful of casks were inexplicably sent to a distant warehouse.

Dr Bill added, "whisky can slip through the net from time to time, but never quite like this!" This ultra-rare vintage matured in obscurity for 23 years until it was finally recovered.

A marriage of Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks, Ardbeg Vintage_Y2K emits notes of lemon balsam and linseed oil, with hints of heather honey and creosote. Intensely sweet and classically smoky, peppermint and aniseed load up into ground coffee and oak tannins.

This limited edition is the first release of this millenium spirit. To be the first to know when Ardbeg Vintage_Y2K becomes available where you are, register your interest below.


Ardbeg Day 2024

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The Ardbeg Circus is coming...

Roll up, roll up for the biggest event in the world of whisky! It's time once more to mark your calendars and don your finest attire as we gather under the Distillery’s big top for Ardbeg Day 2024. Inspired by the deep and peculiar extravaganza of flavours in this year’s Limited Edition, smoky malt lovers everywhere are coming together to revel in the spectacle that is the Ardbeg Day Circus.

You are invited to join us on Saturday, June 1st 2024, as we gather to celebrate Ardbeg Day. Whether you’re making the trip to Islay, heading to a local event, or celebrating in the comfort of your home, make sure to save the date.

And it is our pleasure to announce that Ardbeg Spectacular is now on sale in the UK.* Prepare to be astounded and bewildered as we unleash this year’s Limited Edition in all its flavoursome glory!

(*Onsale dates and availability vary in other countries; Sadly, shipping to NI is not currently available from; Free standard delivery for Committee Members.)


The Rollercoaster

Strap yourself in...

Ardbeg today releases two historic whiskies created at the most pivotal moments of the Islay single malt’s past.

Uniting irreplaceable stock from the Distillery’s most turbulent time, Ardbeg The Rollercoaster captures its glorious highs and most perilous lows, in bottlings which can never be repeated.

Contained within 143 handcrafted sets, these two rare cask single malts are time capsules of a bygone era.


Our Whisky

A revered single malt.
The Committee's favourite whisky.
Not for the faint-hearted.
Guaranteed to provoke discussion.
Intricate, balanced, and beguiling.

Join The Committee

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There's some weird stuff out there...

If you’re into the pressing issues of the day, you could join the Extreme Ironing Bureau. If you’re into cutting corners, you could join the Lawnmower Racing Association. And if you’ve got your head in them, you could join the Cloud Appreciation Society. But if you like your whisky weird, you’ve come to the right place.



"As close to perfection as makes no difference."

*In the last seven years, Ardbeg has been the most awarded smoky single malt scotch whisky.

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