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The 5th Batch of our Award Winning Series

The latest release of Ardbeg 19 Years Old Traigh Bhan is here. This sublime fifth batch, like the batches before it, is inspired by Islay’s Traigh Bhan beach.

Matured in classic Ardbeg bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks, this whisky ventures into sweeter, more tropical waters.


About Ardbeg 19 Years Old Traigh Bhan Batch 5

Our Whisky

A rare beast Ardbeg indeed...
Grilling Meets Distilling
Rich and spicy flavours unite
A revered single malt.
The Committee's favourite whisky.
A monster of a dram.

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"As close to perfection as makes no difference."

*In the last seven years, Ardbeg has been the most awarded smoky single malt scotch whisky.

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