Runs from 5th April to end October.  Tours and tastings for Friday 1st April are as per March schedule HERE

Summer on Islay makes us think of long days, light nights and… visitors, lots and lots of visitors. Choose from our wide range of experiences below - there’s something for everyone!  Open Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30am to 5pm - for exceptions scroll to the foot of the page.

TO BOOK - email – It’s advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment.
(If the tour is within the next 48 hours call us on +44 (0) 1496 302244 during opening hours).  Please note that under 18’s are unfortunately not allowed in the tasting areas.

TIME:    10am
DAYS:    Tuesday to Saturday   

£12 per person / lasts around 45 minutes
Informative and fun tour of the Distillery with a dram of your choice from our Core Range at the end.  The perfect introduction to Ardbeg.

TIME:    12.30pm
DAYS:    Tuesday to Saturday

£25 per person / lasts around 1 hour 15 mins
A detailed tour of the Distillery followed by a tasting of five different drams in the Chairman’s Study (Our Core Range of Ardbeg 5yo Wee Beastie, Ardbeg Ten Years Old, Ardbeg An Oa, Ardbeg Uigeadail and Ardbeg Corryvreckan).

TIME:    2pm
DAYS:    Tuesday to Saturday

£90 per person / lasts around 2 hours 15 minutes
Distillery tour with tales, timings, temperatures, traditions, tuns and a tantalising tasting in Warehouse 3 at the end.  Try some old favourites and some very unusual samples drawn from barrels and butts.  Relaxed, informal and the most all-round Ardbeg experience. With some nibbles on the way round!

TIME:    3pm
DAYS:    Tuesday to Saturday

£40 per person / lasts around 30 minutes
We’ve doubled capacity here at Ardbeg.  We’ve built a brand new stillhouse and history has been made. Two stills have become four stills and we’d love to show you this exciting development. Revisit the incredible old stillhouse and taste a couple of drams produced from its spirit. Ascend to the new stillhouse and taste the new make spirit at the stillhouse window. What a journey, what a view.
*note, this experience does not include a full distillery tour

TIME:    available 10am – 5pm, to be taken outside.
DAYS:    Tuesday to Saturday   

Flights range between £20 and £60 / lasts as long as you like!
Pick from one of our range of tasting flights – we’ll fleetingly talk you through the whiskies then leave you to enjoy them at your leisure.  Great if you are on the move, wish an introduction to Ardbeg’s whiskies, or if you just want something a bit special to try!  There is no booking required for these, pick one up from the Visitor Centre and enjoy out in the courtyard.

TIME:    available 10am – 5pm, to be taken outside.
DAYS:    Tuesday to Saturday

Cocktails start at £5 / enjoy at your leisure
If you’ve never tried Ardbeg in a cocktail, now is the time!  Visit the cocktail corner in our shop, choose from the menu, and enjoy a classic cocktail or one with a subtle Ardbeggian twist! Tickle your tastebuds with something new…

Feis Ile takes place from Friday 27th May to Saturday 4th June 2022.  Our extended event schedule and booking details will be available around the middle of April.

We will be closed:
21st June 2022
22nd June 2022
23rd June 2022
11th August 2022
8th October 2022