Ardbeg Vintage_Y2K

A Glitch in the Ardware
Bottle with gift box - 70 cL


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Millennium Vintage
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Smoky anomaly

Remember the year 2000? A time of frenzy and panic surrounding the millennium bug. People everywhere going crazy predicting computerised chaos, digital meltdown and an end to everything.

For Ardbeg, the year 2000 was truly a momentous year. With the renovation of the Ardbeg Distillery in place, Dr. Bill Lumsden and the whisky creation team worked their magic on this serendipitous rare stock.

Ardbeg Vintage_Y2K is a series of limited releases from the year 2000. Combining old and new, it merges modern, innovative whisky techniques whilst using the old Ardbeg stills.

Vintage_Y2K 23 will be the first to launched in 2024: a unique 23 Years Old whisky matured in oloroso & bourbon casks.

While no two Ardbeg are ever alike, the liquids from Vintage_Y2K is truly a smoky anomaly, a tale that will never come close to be.

Non-chill filtered at 46.0% ABV.

23Years Old
46.0 ABV
Pale Amber

Bright, zesty notes, intensely sweet and sooty flavours and a vibrant effervescence

Herbal, sweet and fragrant, with a subtle, distant perfumed smokiness. Next a quirky, zesty note like lemon balsam emerges, along with a suggestion of linseed oil and candied walnuts. A splash of water and the fragrance intensifies, emitting heather honey, a touch of creosote and the tiniest trace of tent canvas.
The texture is fizzy and effervescing (sherbety), with a real, vibrant effervescence on the tongue. At first the flavour is intensely sweet, then shifts as aniseed, toffee, digestive biscuits, peppermint, menthol, tar and coffee grits burst through.
The sooty/tarry flavours keep building, until they finally dissolve into a long, lingering aftertaste of antiseptic lozenges, bitter oranges and oak tannins.
The smoky anomaly – a combination of old & new
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Ardbeg Vintage_Y2K
Bottle with gift box - 70 cL