Ardbeg Day Single Cask No. 4834

An experimental Ardbeg
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Unique Single Cask

Smoke, fruit and chocolate notes surprise in this experimental Ardbeg

Layering hints of dark chocolate and figs upon Ardbeg’s classic smoky notes, this experimental whisky is an Ardbeg with a difference. It was distilled on Wednesday 19th August 2009, and laid down in Moscatel wine casks, used only occasionally at the Distillery.

These first-fill casks promised to bring the wood’s maximum influence to Ardbeg’s smoky, balanced spirit. Eager to explore how they might complement its peaty style over time, the Whisky Creation Team set the casks aside for a long maturation.

More than 14 years later, Cask No.4834 is ready to share. Weaving the Distillery’s signature aromas of smoked Earl Grey tea, aniseed and malt with the wine casks‘ hints of cocoa, butterscotch and fruit, this whisky is a singular take on Ardbeg.

Non chill filtered at 56.1% ABV.

14Years Old
56.1 ABV
Deep Copper

Smoke, fruit and chocolate notes

Rich and aromatic, with scents of burning applewood and sweet tobacco. Notes of jasmine and orange blossom follow on, laced with echoes or smoked Earl Grey tea and a malty richness. A few drops of water bring dried fruit notes along with butterscotch, spice and incense.
Rich, full and mouth-coating textures tease the palate with hints of marmalade and peaches. Soon, deeper notes of cocoa powder emerge alongside walnuts dipped in dark chocolate. Then subtle suggestions of aniseed, clove and pepper come to the fore, along with damp, smoking heather.
At first, long and dry. Then figgy, fudgy flavours surge forward alongside tar and leather.
An experimental Ardbeg
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Ardbeg Day Single Cask No. 4834