Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Years Old Batch 3


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Gone but not forgotten
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It's pronounced 'eye-lah'

From the Ardbeg Distillery to Port Ellen and beyond, follow the rocky coast and you will discover the heavenly vista of Traigh Bhan (pronounced tri-van), the beautiful beach known locally as the Singing Sands…

For this captivating place has white soft sands that sing beneath your feet, a hum that ebbs and flows with the winds and the tides. But beguiling as this place is, do not drop your guard. Bathing is ill advised in the seemingly tame crystal waters where jagged, volcanic rocks pierce the sands along the shore.


Scented wood smoke billows, mingling with sea spray carried on the air. Wisps of pine resin, aniseed toffee and sweet lilies follow on the breeze. A flood of fresh citrus zest with a touch of cayenne pepper piques the senses, while a splash of water chases in a flow of waxy notes and charcoal, with droplets of classic Sherry and linseed oil.


A rush of rich, sappy texture is followed moments later by classic, sweet, smokiness, with tarry rope and treacle toffee bobbing on the palate. A second wave brings a ripple of soot and aniseed twists. Smoke is distant now but present, while smoked brown sugar, sugar coated walnuts and gentle spices float gently then dissolve. A long, unhurried finish carries bitter almonds, linseed oil, clove, pepper and soot in its wake, slowly drifting away.

Batch No. TB/03-10.10.01/21/BL

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Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Years Old Batch 3