Ardbeg Twenty Something

The nearest thing to being able to step back in time to the Ardbeg Distillery of yesteryear, is to taste the spirit it produced.

Ardbeg Twenty Something is a rare Limited Edition Committee bottling from 23 long years ago.

On the nose, sweet wood smoke and vanilla cream mingle with sherry notes, burning pine cones and chocolate. Take a sip and experience rich chocolate, dried fruits and fennel. The long finish falls away with just a hint of spiciness.

Ardbeg Twenty Something – something you won’t want to miss.

Non chill-filtered at 46.3% ABV

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tasting notes


Rustic bronze


Initial bursts of vanilla cream, sweet wood smoke and antique furniture mingle with sweet bubble gum, roasted pinecones and chocolate. On the second nose, fresh tropical fruits are infused with deeper chocolate and sherry led notes. A splash of water releases robust flavours of smoke, creosote and coal tar, followed by medicinal notes and ripe mangos.


At first, rich chocolate flavours combine with a silky mouthfeel. The second sip begins with more chocolate, then something deeper – vanilla pods and intense dried fruits glide into pine needles and pine smoke. Then finally, more chocolate, this time rich chocolate covered raisins.


Herbal notes and incense create a long, lingering finish, rounded off with a hint of spice.

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