Ardbeg Kildalton

Ardbeg Kildalton is a rare limited expression that celebrates the ancient Celtic heritage of Islay.

The Kildalton Cross, at 1200 years old, is an icon of Scotland and stands some 6 miles along the coast from the Distillery. It is a testimony to the ancient spirit of community of our forbears and continues to inspire us to this day.

• 46.0% ABV
• non chill-filtered
• 70cl


tasting notes


Deep Gold


A beautiful, seductive, exotic bouquet, with hints of smoked apricots in syrup, salt and pepper seasoning and some soft, creamy vanilla. This then leads in to a symphony of smoky and herbal notes, like woodsmoke, tar, menthol and fennel. A little water releases more volatile top notes, like pine resin, vetiver root, coriander, liquorice and a curious soapy note.


The texture is soft, ‘sappy’, gently coating the tongue. The explosion of firm robust flavours is unquestionably Ardbeg – coal tar soap, aniseed, peppermint, espresso coffee, sweet barley malt and a lingering, aromatic smokiness.


The lingering finish is both fresh with menthol and spicy, with hints of allspice, clove and bitter almonds, finally revealing a distant vanilla essence sweetness.

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