Ardcore - Q&A





Read on for answers to our most asked questions…

What countries will the Ardcore Limited Edition be available in?

17th May 2022  -  UK / Austria / Belgium / Denmark / Germany / Hungary / Italy / Luxembourg / Poland / Singapore / South Africa / Spain / Switzerland / Taiwan Region / Turkey
20th May 2022  -  Sweden
24th May 2022  -  Australia / New Zealand
28th May 2022 - Netherlands
During May 2022  -  Japan
Late May 2022  -  China / Hong Kong
1st June 2022  -  Norway / USA (may vary from State to State)
4th June 2022  -  Czech Republic / Finland
From June 2022  -  Canada (details vary by Province – details HERE)

What countries will the Ardcore Committee Exclusive be available in?

20th April 2022  -  Italy
21st April 2022  -  UK (including Northern Ireland) / Poland
23rd April 2022  -  Taiwan Region
26th April 2022  -  Austria / Germany
28th April 2022  -  Australia / France / New Zealand
1st May 2022  -  USA (may vary from State to State)
19th May 2022  -  Sweden
During May 2022  -  Japan
Late May 2022  -  China
From June 2022  -  Canada (details vary by Province – details HERE)

Why is Ardcore not available in my country?

With such limited amounts of whisky available to bottle, we can’t release everywhere.  But hopefully that will change over time with the expansion of the distillery!

How much is it?

Around €125 or equivalent locally.

Where can I buy a bottle?

If you’re a Committee Member already look out for our email on the day of release.  If you’re not a Member, then make sure to join the Committee before the above dates and then look out look out for our email on the day.

Is it a one-off release?

Our Ardbeg Day releases are bottled once and never repeated.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

What abv is it?

Ardcore Limited Edition - 46.0% alc/vol
Ardcore Committee Exclusive - 50.1% alc/vol

How old is it?

Ardcore is a non-aged expression.  

I’ve heard that Ardcore is in partnership with a beer company?

We’ve seen this rumour too, but can confirm there is absolutely no truth in it.

What is the Ardbeg Committee?

A global group of like-minded individuals who have vowed to never let the doors of the Distillery close again (it’s hard to believe, but there was a time in the 80s and 90s when the future of Ardbeg was distinctly uncertain).

How can I join the Ardbeg Committee?

Head over to to sign up - it’s completely free to join and we’ll keep you up to date with all our news, including details of exclusive events and releases.

I’m already a Committee Member but I never get any emails from you, why not?

Just get in touch on and we’ll check your account!