Gather Round

It is acknowledged by oilskin-clad locals and Gore-tex®-sheathed visitors alike that the Ardbeg Distillery can be subject to alarmingly fierce winds, driving rain and eerie coverings of haar. However, these frequent weather events would be far more extreme, were it not for the presence of the Mull of Oa.

Topographically speaking, the Distillery is sheltered from the harshest excesses of the mighty Atlantic by this rounded peninsula in the south of Islay. This vast, jutting promontory is the inspiration for the brand new addition to the Ultimate range – Ardbeg An Oa!

Like the Mull of OA, it is noticeably rounded. This is due in no small part to a spell spent in Ardbeg’s newly-established Gathering Vat.

Within the vat we gather together whiskies from several cask types - including; sweet Pedro Ximenez; spicy Virgin charred oak; and intense ex-bourbon casks, amongst others - where they familiarise themselves with each other. The result is a singularly rounded dram whose smoky intensity is softened by a delectable, smooth sweetness.

Gather round…

Watch our film (above) to be even more in the know about Ardbeg An Oa…