It’s building friendships

In every pocket of the world you’ll find someone with the Committee Rules and Regulations in their pocket. And through the years we’ve ‘spoken’ to thousands of you via letter, email and online. But now we’re keen to put faces to names and numbers. So we’ve created the Wall of Fame to forge an even stronger esprit de corps throughout the Committee. You can vote each other up and down the Wall of Fame, link through to other fans on Facebook and chat on the Ardbeg Facebook page –

So have a root around and find a picture to upload – preferably against a white ‘Distillery wall’ background. Then add your name, location, your favourite Ardbeg expression and a short Ardbeggian message if you like. And then have a dram of Ardbeg.* We look forward to seeing you.

*Not compulsory but rewarding all the same. launch wall of fame