Boggy Welly Tossing anyone?

There's peat everywhere - soaring through the air, flying into wheelbarrows and falling off spades to the anguished moans of competitors in the Peat and Spade race. The Boggy Welly Tossing is proving particularly popular with the competitive Ardbeggians on site; people are trying again and again to break the record, which is currently sitting at a massive 24.5m Last year I was actually the Ardbeg Day Cask Hooping champion and this year I thought I’d mount a challenge against my fellow Ardbeggians in the sporting events. Unfortunately, I fell over during the Peat Sack Race, tipped the wheelbarrow in the Ardbeg Wheelbarrow Race and managed to lose my peat completely in the Peat and Spade Race. I decided to sit back and nurse my bruised pride with a dram of Ardbog as I watched the Ardbog style Bog of War; a battle which was fiercely competitive.

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