An unquenchable thirst for ARDventure

Ardbeg Uigeadail. It deserves its place at the top. It is, after all, named after Loch Uigeadail, Ardbeg’s water source on Islay, positioned 600 feet above sea level.

Only the hardiest of visitors to Ardbeg have struck out bravely on the challenging hike up to Uigeadail. It’s in keeping with the adventurous spirit of our many brave and intrepid Ardbeg Committee Members. Men such as Leven Brown who singlehandedly rowed 5,000 miles across the Atlantic. And Hugh Mackay who spent ten hours holding a polar bear at bay from inside his tent in the Arctic.

Jellied bear paw, anyone?

If the Ardbeg Committee had been around in the early 20th century it’s a good bet that its first recruit would have been intrepid explorer Talbot Clifton Esq, Laird of Kildalton Estate on Islay, Ardbeg’s nearest neighbour and an epicurean of questionable palate. Whilst on expedition in Siberia in 1901, this infamous Islay resident is recorded as enjoying a meal of bear soup and jellied bear paws. And that was just for starters. Read more about Talbot and his Mammoth Feast in Momentous Minutes Issue 8.

More recently, back in July 2013, the lionised Sir Ranulph Fiennes led a group of Distillery visitors up to Loch Uigeadail for a fact-finding glamping mission. He said “Ardbeg Uigeadail takes you on the ultimate journey.” And then went home to enjoy a dram and put his feet up.

He’s right though. Uigeadail is the natural dram with which to toast the adventurous nature of these intrepid souls. After all, their spirit is legendary.