Ardbeggians everywhere

Ardbeg Day is the one day of the year where all Ardbeggians get together to celebrate our love of Ardbeg. The ultimate devotion this year is to make the pilgrimage to an Ardbeg event for Ardbog Day. Here are a few of those committed Ardbeggians on Islay today;

Marc Vranken and Martine Jeurissen from Belgium – Ardbeg fans I was just discussing it with my American friend and we were saying it was the best Ardbeg day so far. Ardbog proves that when Ardbeg matures it can be absolutely brilliant.

Paula Arthur and her father Frank Arthur, from Edinburgh, Scotland – Last minute Ardbeggians We got here by the skin of our teeth. Woke up at 2am and got the ferry this morning. Well worth the trip! It is the best festival for at least five years.

Dominik Haffner from Bonn, Germany This year is even better than last. The band has been brilliant, the smokies are fantastic and I reckon that Ardbog is the best bottling of the whole week. It surprised me how good it was.

Robbie Smith and Andrew Colville – Ardbeg Day Virgins This is our first time on Islay and so our very first Ardbeg Day. We had high expectations before we left and it is fair to say that this has more than exceeded those expectations. Ardbog is almost as good as Uigeadail.

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